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Appreciate the beauty.    Respect the green.    Evolve.

Nava meaning

Two of the world's oldest languages could not describe Nava better. In the Hebrew language, Nava means beautiful. In Tihanama, (or Teehahnahmah which is an ancient native America language), Nava means green.


The magazine has a two-fold future forward focus. One is motivational artistic photography of the everyday woman. We see beauty all around us. Every place you go you see naturally beautiful woman of every shape, size, age, and ethnicity. We seek out the natural beauty of every woman and give her a place to tell her story of life experience and what motivates her. It is the spirit of Nava that our world cultures could evolve so that someday mothers could sit with their daughters and sons and, instead of exposing them to what the media and advertising world wants them to think of perfection, show them a real woman and her story. NV (envy) is also a great way to describe natural variety. All Women are beautiful and all have beautiful photographable sides and angles. Every photo shoot is to be built around an article that gives you a glimpse of the personality of the NAVA model. The article is to be written by the model. It could be raw, motivational, inspiring, unique and/or personal to them. A Nava model is every woman.

Hands holding plant and soil.



The second focus is earth preservation and awareness. It’s obvious we as a whole have the ability to lack the respect for one another so how could we then expect to care for our mother earth if we are lacking the respect for one another.



Every step in life is growth

We must get past ourselves. There is so much about us and our existence we don’t know and our potentials will forever be untouched if we do not take the higher ground. This is the future and if we are to ever evolve, we must learn from our past and learn from one another. We are far from being a higher intelligence. Lens free means no judgment. Will there ever be a time that we can look at one another and communicate with respect and pass no judgment on one another? Will there ever be a time when communication will be free between two people and will be limitless?

I say the time is now.