About NAVA

NAVA magazine is an abbreviation for Natural Variety Magazine. Nava has come to be because of our lack as a society to evolve and move forward as a world community. The world has serious humanity and ecological issues. As an example as a human race, the American culture prize celebrities as being our ideal of our society and then give attention to ridiculous behavior and photoshopped images of them.

It is no wonder people, specifically woman, have identity issues with what their own true ideal is. It’s not enough to be different that we have ridiculous expectations on one another and can’t appreciate each other for who we truly are.

Ecologically, we should treat our mother earth so much more as the living organism that she is than a resource that will be eventually consumed and destroyed. We show evidence of it all around us.


What if we were ok with the way we are? What if we were to tap into the human spirit and start with the true core of each other? What if we could learn from one another? What if we had a place to go and read of those true individuals who can shed the expectations of society and tell their story for all to read?

Appreciate the beauty.    Respect the green.    Evolve.

We have so much that is wonderful and beautiful on our mother earth and it is our mission to share the appreciation that we all should have for one another and our home (health of mother earth) here on earth. BEAUTY

Nava exists to exploit examples of true respect world wide of one another and of our care we take of our home. RESPECT

Nava was created to be a tool for the world to come together and build our world community. EVOLVE